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Melbet Official Reviews, Welcome Bonus Code & FAQ

If you are an active punter and are familiar with the online betting world, it’s very likely that you have come across Melbet at least once. Melbet Official has been one of the top betting sites especially in the last 5 years. Established in 2012, Melbet Official has always tried to keep its users happy and satisfied with over 50 sports to bet on and countless casino games to top it off.

Fast registration in Melbet

With its many features, Melbet Official will surely find a way to keep punters and casino gamers to stay in the website and spend several enjoyable hours. Live streaming, generous and occasional bonuses and a smooth and user-friendly mobile app are some of the features Melbet has to offer.

Melbet Official Reviews, Welcome Bonus Code & FAQ

Licensed by Curacao back in 2012, the same year it was established, Melbet Official started taking root in the online bookmakers’ world from eastern Europe, and particularly Cyprus. Later on, it was approved by Nigeria, Kenya and Estonia and therefore started operating in those countries as well. But it wasn’t until becoming an official media partner to La Liga (Spanish football league) that Melbet’s users started sky rocketing.

Available sports

The mark of a top tier bookmaker is the number of sports that it provides. Melbet has always been up there with countless sporting events happening every month, no matter if it’s on a top league that attracts a lot of attention worldwide, or it’s a third-tier game taking place in a less known country, Melbet covers it all. To give you an overview of what you will be dealing with after registration in Melbet, football enthusiasts, for example, will find football events whether it’s a Champion’s League final or a small tournament taking place in Africa, and are able to bet on a variety of items from the winner of a certain match to who scores the first goal, which team will be awarded with a foul first or the first corner of the game will lead to a goal or not. Some of the sports covered in Melbet are as follows:

American FootballAthleticsAwardsBadminton
Field HockeyFloorballFootballFormula 1
FutsalGAA FootballGolfHandball
Ice HockeyMMAMotoGPMotor Sports
Table TennisTriathlonBandyBeach Volleyball
SurfingeSportsHorse RacingGreyhounds

Betting coverage

The only area that kept us a little in a question mark is the betting coverage. Of course, Melbet features US, UK and Decimal options for the users to alternate through, and that is much needed since Melbet attracts users from all over the world, but the odds given to punters differ in a suspicious kind of way. To make it clearer, our team analyzed over 130 sporting events to get to the bottom of whether Melbet offers high odds or not. After this analysis, we found out that although Melbet offers many profitable deals in some particular event, the 1×2 Premier League option for example, it tends to lower them in some other games to even things out. This behavior seems to happen throughout all sports and events.

To be honest, an experienced punter would undoubtedly notice such differences and might even be able to take advantage of it, in a way that they would only bet on the events that seem to be a good a deal and leave out the less profitable ones.

Betting coverage

Website Design, Structure, Layouts and User Experience

Website Design, Structure, Layouts and User Experience

The design looks pleasant enough to the eye, but a little out dated. Since Melbet might not have the resources to renew its design like many bigger companies do, they have to make do with what they have at the moment.

The overall structure looks as basic as can be which is not necessarily a negative point. Although at the first glance you might think there a lot of texts and numbers and this might be a little overkill, studies show that experienced punter do actually prefer it this way.

They can get all the information they need with a single look at the website. the more modern websites make them feel like they are being cheated with gorgeous add-ons into losing.

To be fair the structure and design of Melbet get a good overall rating from us, despite its many flaws.

Registering at Melbet

Following a few simple steps will get you a Melbet account, with which you can easily start betting on different sports, play +1000 casino games and enjoy a top tier Live Casino. The steps are illustrated below:

1.Go to

2.Navigate over the register button, found on the upper right corner

3.On the next page, you will find a section to select your country. Take note that after choosing the country, an “ok” should appear on top. That is if your country is accepted by Melbet.

4.Be advised that it is in this page that you should select the type of bonus you would like to receive. The bonuses include an option to get a bonus for sport betting, or casino games.

5.After selecting your desired currency, you can enter a promo code to get extra bonus, if you have one.

6.You can opt between registering by phone, one-click, by email, or by social media. We strongly recommend that you choose whether registration by phone or email.

7.You are good to go! Your registration is now complete and you can start betting after your first deposit.

Sports First Deposit Bonus – up to 130 EUR

Like many bookmakers, Melbet offers its newest users a nice bonus on their first deposit. This welcoming bonus can be obtained to up to 130 euros and is calculated based on the amount you deposit. 100% of your first deposit will be added to your balance even if you choose to deposit 1 euro.

Bonuses always come with some limitations. In case of Melbet, the limitations are:

1-You need to wager the full amount 5 times

2-The bonus is only usable in multiple bets that include 3 or more events.

3-The minimum odds should be 1.40.

4-In order not to lose the bonus, you shouldn’t withdraw any amount until the limitations 1 to 3 are met.

Live Sport Betting (In-Play)

The live betting section allows punters to place their bets on the sporting events that are taking place at the moment. When you get into it, you quickly realize that there are a lot of things happening simultaneously. You’ll be surprised about the fact that there are several sporting events in play at any hour during a day.

The in-play betting section consists of three main parts, which allow the punters to get the information they need with a glance. There are several betting modes that users can choose, which we won’t get more into them in this section since it requires a bit of experience to know all of them.

The only downside to Melbet’s Live Sport Betting is the fact that more often than not you cannot watch the stream online. You are going to have to make do with a computerized version of the game which shows different stats and player’s positioning, which updates fairly fast so you don’t miss any events because of delays to be honest.

Sports betting products

When it comes to sports betting products, Melbet might not be one of the bests. Compared to the giants of betting world, Melbet has a few cool options for its users that will be discussed below.

  1. Cash out feature
    Imagine you have bet a sizeable amount of money on a football match and it is coming to an end. Your team is one down to the opponent and its 85 minutes in. You know that you are going to lose this money, and the fact that you can’t do anything about it makes the feeling much much worse. But not anymore! Like many bookies out there these days, Melbet has also given its users the opportunity to sell their bets to the bookmaker, allowing them to get a percentage of the wagered amount refunded and put to later use. This options surely changes the whole horizon of a punter’s thoughts.
  2. Live Streaming
    Though not the best Live Streaming option in a bookmaker out there, Melbet covers some sporting events in this section. This could include some popular ones like football, or a sport that might not attract a lot of attention. This could be big disadvantage for Melbet, since all the top tier sports betting websites cover almost every sporting event in their Live Stream.
  3. Multi Live
    This product, actually, is one of the better ones which makes Melbet kind of unique. Melbet allows its users to choose the Live sporting events that they are betting on (up to 4 games) in order to view them all in a single page, and have the Live Stream of all if it is available. It is a really cool option for punters you bet on different live games all at once and want to keep track of them.

eSports Betting

The past couple of years have seen more changes than a decade, it looks like, and the emergence of eSports events and the fact that they are taken more seriously these days is certainly one of those changes. Melbet could actually be the best website for those who are interested in wagering on eSports events. The number of sports available and the coverage is something that an eSport enthusiast would not find anywhere else.

Melbet also covers live streaming of all eSports events which makes the betting experience much more entertaining and thrilling.

Melbet Casino

The online casino section seems to be an inseparable part of online bookmakers, it seems. Melbet is not exception. The casino acts as an extension to the main sports betting section, and it is definitely an interesting one. The number of games on offer, more than 2000, can hardly be matched by any other online casino website and to top It off, Melbet works with top tier casino game developers of the world such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Red Tiger Gaming and Betsoft.

The most popular game in Melbet are Slots, according to the statistics. The other games on offer are table games, jackpot games keno and many more.

Welcome Casino Package for New Customers – Bonus Up To 1750 EUR + 290 Free Spins

When registering for an account, Melbet allows you to choose one of two bonuses it provides: Sports Betting Bonus or Casino Welcoming Bonus. If you choose the later one, you can get up 1750 euros paid over 5 deposits + 290 free spins to enjoy on the casino. The number, 1750 euros, seems to be among the most generous welcoming bonuses out there, but nonetheless it comes with some limitations.

Here is how the bonus over 5 deposits works:

1st deposit: 50% bonus up to a maximum of 350 euros + 30 free spins

2nd deposit: 75% bonus up to a maximum of 350 euros + 40 free spins

3rd deposit: 100% bonus up to a maximum of 350 euros + 50 free spins

4th deposit: 150% bonus up to a maximum of 350 euros + 70 free spins

5th deposit: 200% bonus up to a maximum of 350 euros + 100 free spins

Live Casino

The Live Casino has become more and more popular since its release a few years ago. The reason for that is that punters seem to simply be more into seeing an actual dealer when they want to place bet than a computerized animation.

Powered by Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming, Gameplay and Portomaso Gaming, Melbet features almost all the things that is expected of a Live Casino. The games on offer are different variations of roulette, blackjack, craps, video poker, three card poker and more.

Fast Games

An interesting section in Melbet is the Fast Games. In this section a user can play games that don’t require a lot of time to be competed like board games or spin the wheel and is a nice fast way to win or lose some money!

TV Games

The TV Games section in any bookmaker is sure a reminder of the gool old days when families didn’t have much fun but to watch tv games. Brought to you by Melbet, you can now participate in TV Games such as Deal or No Deal, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Spin the Wheel.

TV Games


Melbet doesn’t really cover many Bingo variations, beside Keno. If you are into Bingo games, Melbet might not be the right online casino for you.



If you are good at predicting the outcomes of different games, then toto is designed to fit your needs. Basically, in each round you are asked to predict a number of games results, and if you get all of them right, you win the jackpot, which is a considerable amount.

Melbet Mobile App

Melbet Mobile App

Melbet, along with a few other online bookmakers, believe in mobile apps. According to most of the bookmakers, mobile apps cannot fully cover a betting website since there are too many items that simply cannot fit into a mobile app. Melbet though, features a fully functional mobile app that allows its users to access the website from their phones. Of course, without having the app you can also access the website, whether it is via a computer or a smart phone.

IOS users can easily download the app from app store while Android users should take a stranger route to get to the app. After opening the website, go to the app section and enter your phone number. Melbet will send you a link and upon clicking on the link, you can download the app and install it on your phone.

Payment options

Payment options are pretty much very standard in Melbet Official . It covers almost all the conventional methods of depositing and withdrawing credits and you are guaranteed to find at least one option that suits your preference. the thing that makes Melbet Official stand out a little in terms of payments is that it doesn’t charge you any extra amount when withdrawing your winnings. This issue in other online bookmakers sometimes annoys the users, but you don’t have to worry about that with Melbet.

The deposit/withdraw options are shown in the table below:

Payment MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumTime for DepositMinimum WithdrawalWithdrawal MaximumTime for Withdrawal
Bank Card Deposit/Withdrawal Methods
Visa$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedLess than 60 seconds$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified1 minute to 7 days
MasterCard$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedLess than 60 seconds$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified1 minute to 7 days
Maestro$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifieddepends on card provider$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified1 minute to 7 days
E-wallet Deposit/Withdrawal Methods
Yandex Money$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes
Qiwi$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes
Neteller$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes
Todito Cash$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes
WebMoney$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes
Interkassa$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes
Jeton Wallet$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes
Skrill$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes
EcoPayz$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes
Perfect Money$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes
Mobile Deposit/Withdrawal Methods
Beeline$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes
MTS$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes
Tele2$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes
MegaFon$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes
Prepaid Card Deposit/Withdrawal Methods
AstroPay$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes
Paysafe Card$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes
Cryptocurrency Deposit/Withdrawal Methods
Bitcoin$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes
Litecoin$1.00/€1.00/50 RUB/3.00TRYNot specifiedInstant$1.00/€1.00/100 RUB/5.00TRYNot specified15 minutes

Melbet Mirror

Accessibility to an online bookmaker is everything. If users for whatever reason cannot access your website, you might as well shut it down. For this reason, Melbet Official takes this matter very seriously and has designed many mirrors to assist its users to be able to have access to the website at all times. In order to get the newest mirrors, you only need to search for Melbet Official new mirrors in google and you will surely find one that works fine.

Security and Regulation

In terms of website security, Melbet uses an SSL certificate which guarantees your information will be safely transferred to your account without any interruption. In terms of licensing, Melbet Official is licensed by Curacao Gaming Authority, a well-known company that has always been trusted by punters and bookmakers. There shouldn’t be any worries surrounding the security of Melbet Official , since it has taken all the steps necessary to ensure its users are protected from data theft and such problems.

Melbet Promo Codes

In order to get a promo code, you only need to follow Melbet on twitter and hope you get lucky enough to be one of the first people who sees the promo codes and uses them. Keep in mind you need to enter this promo code in your profile as soon as possible since it is often only usable for a limited number of users.

Melbet Deposit and Withdrawal

Melbet Official covers almost any method out there to ensure its users can find a suitable way to deposit and withdraw any amount of credit. Not only does Melbet put a lot of emphasis on fast deposits to enable punters to get in action as soon as they deposit, but it also cares much about the withdrawal and satisfying its users.

Melbet Twitter

Social media and online bookmakers have always had a close connection with each other. The more followers a bookmaker has, the more people can trust it and give betting on it a shot. Melbet Official is mostly active on Twitter, giving out free promo codes and bonuses to the users. Besides, the important announcements about the tournaments that will take place are also made through Twitter.


Is Melbet legit and secure?

Absolutely, the certificates and firewalls Melbet uses makes it almost impossible for users’ information to be stolen. On the other hand, years of user satisfaction backs up this statement more than anything.

How can I get promo codes to apply to my account in Melbet?

you can get occasional promo codes from Melbet’s social media pages such as Instagram and Twitter.

I have forgotten my username and/or password. How can I recover it?

In order to reset your username and/or password, you need to click on “Forgot my password” link in registration panel. Upon entering your email or phone number, Melbet provides you with a link using which you can reset your username and/or password.

Is it obligatory to validate my account and provide proof of my age in Melbet?

Yes, it is. In order to be able to withdraw from your account, you need to show Melbet that you are over 18 and a real person, usually by uploading a scan of your national ID card.

Does Melbet offer a bonus without a need to deposit?

No, there is no such thing as a no deposit bonus in Melbet.

Customer Support and Contacts

Melbet’s customer support actually offers a top tier service to its users. Whether you have a problem in the deposit and withdrawal, casino games, your wagers or just a silly question, the experts on the customer support team of Melbet Official are ready to help you out and solve your problem as soon as possible.
The easiest way to get in touch with support is by clicking on the support link on the website and start chatting online with one. But if you need further assistance you can contact the phone number +44 203 8077 601 or send an email to [email protected] & [email protected].

Overall rating

Although Melbet has many features that makes it unique in the online bookmaker’s world, the site certainly has some areas to work on. It is certainly along the first one hundred bookmakers worldwide thanks to its excellent sports coverage, high quality online casino, eSports events and many more features. We give Melbet a solid 8.8/10 rating.